• Stoney on what it means to be the RVA next mayor

    Levar Stoney

    "Politics for Levar Stoney has never been about power and money. It’s always been about having the ability to do the right thing...Some would think this move is for political status in hopes of moving towards a higher elected office. Nothing could be further from the truth, said Stoney, which is why he is giving this campaign his full attention and making it a full-time effort...Probably most noted for the role he played in getting the voting rights of over 200,000 Virginians restored alongside Gov. McAuliffe, Stoney is looking to continue on the path of empowering individuals and offering fairness to communities that have historically been marginalized...[Stoney] who began his career in politics in the very city where he wants to serve as mayor will be 100 percent focused on what he can do to build a better Richmond...He isn’t looking for a title, but an opportunity to inspire people, make a positive impact in people’s lives and shake things up in order to change the course that has led Richmond astray, he said." 

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  • Field Notes: Stoney’s Announcement

    "Stoney, 35, was the youngest member of Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration. During his time as Secretary of the Commonwealth, he restored the voting rights of more than 18,000 people convicted of felonies. He resigned from his state post last week...In a statement released prior to the press event, Stoney said that schools and school funding would be his top priority, adding that the issue was personal to him because he was the first in his family to graduate from high school..He also committed to a comprehensive performance review and audit of all departments of city government within his first 100 days in office."

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